The Top 5 Strategies For Having Your Most Productive Day Ever

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Rachel is a passionate liberationist! She lives to see people become free; emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Her greatest joy consists of helping others overcome impediments that have kept them living below their highest social potential. For a couple of decades Rachel had to fight her way out of the effects of a traumatic childhood: depression, panic attacks, poverty, abuse, and rejection. In her struggle to overcome so many obstacles, Rachel discovered the secrets and powerful tools that it takes to live free. She believes that all the success in the world means nothing if you don’t have a healthy mindset, and a vibrant emotional, and spiritual life. It is that belief that has Rachel devoting her life to consulting, speaking, writing, and leading people into radically transformed, free lives.

The Miracle Mind Mastery Program is one of the most comprehensive training programs in the world! In this course you will learn how to master a peaceful, joyful, and prosperous mindset. Rachel created this course so that she could give others the information and strategies that she’s learned through her years of acquiring knowledge and overcoming numerous obstacles in her own life.

The Miracle Mind Mastery is your one-stop-shop for how to develop a free and fulfilled mental, emotional, and spiritual life so that you can reach your highest calling. Rachel knows that you can have all the fame, fortune, and success one can achieve, but if you don’t have peace, joy and fulfillment, none of it matters. The Miracle Mind Mastery will teach you how to attain what really matters in life.

Finding the Encouragement That We Long For

Do you ever feel discouraged and think to yourself; “I wish that somebody would come cheer me up”? Sometimes when we’re feeling really down it can be hard to see the forest for the trees. So what do you do when you’re feeling down and no one...

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The Surefire Way to Find True Fulfillment

In childhood and through most of my twenties I thought I would be fulfilled once I was happily married, had kids, wasn’t worrying about money, and lived in a nice house that I owned. At age 29 I moved in to my dream home with my wonderful husband and four sons....

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The Language of Life

Have you ever paid close attention to the words that you say when things go wrong in your life?  Sometimes we are saying things that we’ve said for so long that we’re not even thinking about it anymore.  We say it, but we’re not conscious of it.  For...

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“I have found Rachel to be a high-level thinker and someone who always inspires me towards greatness! She is positive, encouraging, wise, and knowledgeable. As I have implemented her recommendations into my life, I’ve seen improvement every time! I highly recommend her!”

-Andre P.

“Rachel is truly a remarkable human being. Because of her life experience she has spiritual insight like few others.  Through the information that she’s taught me, I have learned what truly matters. She is very strong, passionate, and intuitive when it comes to the human spirit. I would recommend Rachel to anyone that needs to understand who they are and strives to be the best version of themselves. Rachel can help you navigate through your past experiences and help you to live a more balanced and fulfilled life. We all need a little guidance, acceptance and direction in this thing called life, and Rachel through the Miracle Mind Mastery can help you achieve all three. I am forever grateful for her services and look forward to continue working with her in the future.

– Laurie McCarty

“Rachel was able to discover hidden obstacles that held me back for years. She is the only person that was able to help me break past my fears and give me actionable steps to move into a new life. For the first time in my life I feel free.”

– Adam Flores

“I had no idea the root cause behind a lot of the issues I was facing. Rachel helped me dig up the root of my problems and was able to reshape my mind in a way that has allowed me to live emotionally free like never before. I strongly recommend her!”

– Brianna Leann