Rachel is a passionate liberationist! She lives to see people become free; emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Her greatest joy consists of helping others overcome impediments that have kept them living below their highest social potential. For a couple of decades Rachel had to fight her way out of the effects of a traumatic childhood: depression, panic attacks, poverty, abuse, and rejection. In her struggle to overcome so many obstacles, Rachel discovered the secrets and powerful tools that it takes to live free. She believes that all the success in the world means nothing if you don’t have a healthy mindset, and a vibrant emotional, and spiritual life. It is that belief that has Rachel devoting her life to consulting, speaking, writing, and leading people into radically transformed, free lives.


Rachel is entirely different from other teachers and leaders. Rachel understands that compartmentalized success equals failure. In other words, if you make a million dollars a month, but have no peace, then the money means nothing. That’s compartmentalized success. When you hear Rachel speak, you immediately know she is an authoritative voice in the world of mastering one’s mind, will, and emotions. She teaches how to achieve success in the areas of life that money can’t buy.

True success is peace, joy, fulfillment, vibrant relationships, and living from a place of abundance in every way. Rachel has a history of trauma and abuse and has personally overcome severe panic attacks, crippling depression, agoraphobia, hypochondria, and a near death experience. She has spent her own blood, sweat, tears, and a whole lot of money to learn the secrets wisdom, and strategy that she’s now teaching others so that they can live the amazing life that she enjoys everyday.

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