In childhood and through most of my twenties I thought I would be fulfilled once I was happily married, had kids, wasn’t worrying about money, and lived in a nice house that I owned. At age 29 I moved in to my dream home with my wonderful husband and four sons. And I was no more fulfilled than when I was before I had all of that.

After the excitement of these things wore off, I was left feeling more empty than I ever had. I was so perplexed. I had everything I’d ever wanted, and I was empty. That emptiness was such a blessing though. That emptiness sent me on a desperate quest for how to be fulfilled.

On that journey I discovered that God alone can fulfill you. Other relationships can be a blessing and can be important, but only our relationship with God will fulfill us.

If you’re believing that there is some particular circumstance that is going make you happy, please stop believing that lie TODAY! Seek a relationship with God and find TRUE fulfillment. You can begin my reading the Bible and praying. Ask God to help you as you learn and are in process. He’ll lead you to what you need to know to be satisfied at the deepest level of your soul.

God bless you and know that you are loved!