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Life Beginning

In "Life Beginning" Rachel shares her journey to find emotional prosperity, authentic spirituality, and a life that is thoroughly fulfilled in spite of experiencing several traumatic experiences.

As you read Rachel's life story that's full of twists and turns you'll see how you can overcome obstacles in your life and live the life you've dreamed of even if you've had a rough past too. Her story shows you how to be connected to God, get healing for the hard things you've been through, fulfill your calling, and enjoy your life. Life Beginning is intense and fascinating and has brought healing to many people.

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Which means that I'd love nothing more than to see you experience freedom in Christ. In fact, I am at my absolute happiest when I get the opportunity to help you overcome issues and impediments that have kept you living beneath your potential. To learn about the specific ways I can help you, click on the "Learn More" button below.

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