Episode #11 Saving the Country by Creating a Great Marriage

1. Continue dating your spouse. Be intentional about connecting emotionally. We go on a date every week. If things have grown a little stale, consider reading a book together, that you can discuss on your date.
2. Put your spouses needs before your own. Make sure that they are well taken care of. What tends to happen when you do that is the day turn and take care of your needs. Sometimes it can take a little while, but be faithful in putting them first. Before you know it, you will have established a cycle of goodness where you’re putting their needs first, and they’re putting your needs first.
3. Communication is key! But not just a normal communication that we’ve all already heard about… Make sure that you’re communicating with your spouse about what you love about them. Express your love and adoration. Look for every opportunity to give sincere compliments!
Also, express things that you feel that might not be obvious. Our spouses are not mind readers and sometimes they simply don’t know what we need. If you have a need that is continually going on met, communicate that.
4. Pick your battles!! Ask yourself this question before bringing up an issue or being critical of your spouse: Is this issue worth ruining a whole day over? If I bring this subject up or if I make this critical comment, there’s a good chance the whole day will have a dark cloud over it. Is this issue worth that? If not, let it go!

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