Episode #3 The Egyptian Midwives & The Intercessors

My Dream:

In the dream I was putting on an event and Flynn was supposed to be one of the speakers. He texted me and said that he was really sorry, but he wasn’t going to be able to make it because his son Hunter had just gotten out of prison and now they were switching to targeting him. The event was getting ready to start and it was very last minute. But, I was relieved he wasn’t coming in the dream switches…

I’m walking into what looks like an old time old-fashioned diner in some little small town in Central California. In other words, it felt like it was a “nowhere town that was insignificant”.

There was a lady standing behind the counter that looked like an old fashion waitress in her 60’s. 

There’s an entrance, a countertop, and then an exit. One by one, people are coming into the entrance and the waitress looking lady puts a brown paper sack folded over neatly onto the countertop. The person picks up the bag and goes out the exit door. Then another person enters, picks up a bag, and goes out the exit. I took note of the fact that they had quite a little system down. No one was speaking. Everyone already knew what to do.

Then, the lady behind the counter looks over at me and says in a whisper voice, “Want me to show you what I’ve been doing?” I told her yes I did want to see what she had been doing. 

She then waves for me to come to the back with her. We go to the door and into the back of this building. I see this redheaded lady sitting there who had just given birth. She had some sort of toddler standing next to her. 

The older lady picks up one of the brown paper bags, opens it, and tilts it towards me to show me inside. There’s a little newborn baby that’s very tiny and curled up at the bottom of the brown bag. She whispers that this baby belongs to the redheaded woman. 

I suddenly realize that this is an abortion clinic, but this older lady was saving the babies and putting them in lunch bags for people to come pick up and take. It was like an underground baby market, but the lady running it was good and had good intentions. 

She began explaining to me that she knows not all of the babies are going to live but even if just some do, it’s worth it. She said she knew that that’s probably what I was thinking, but that I needed to keep in mind the starfish analogy.

She said that the people she worked for thought all of the babies in the bags were dead, but they weren’t. She said that she was supposed to abort them, but instead, she just delivers them, puts them into these bags, and then has a group of “interceptors/intercessors“ that come pick the babies up and rescue them. 

In the dream I felt like she was like one of the Egyptian midwives that didn’t kill the Hebrew babies like they were supposed to. I began asking questions about the babies. I asked her what nationality the babies were. She told me they had all kinds of different babies. Every kind of race, tribe, and nation was represented here. 

The other woman then asked me if I would like to take one of the babies. 

I was trying to decide if I should go ahead and take one when I woke up.

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