EPISODE #5 My Prophetic Dreams & John Redenbo Joins Me to Discuss!

Dream # 1 “Adam & The Alligators”
I dreamed that we were at Adam’s house staying with him and yet it was like he wasn’t hosting us. Like we were just staying at his house or hanging out there or something, but he was  barely even acknowledging us. I was sitting at a hightop table with my mom and some of my boys. We were eating something light and were talking about maybe going out to a restaurant nearby because we wanted something more substantial. The ground in Adam’s house was sloped, and the high top table I was sitting out, was down towards the lower end. I began walking up towards the higher part where Marshall, my husband, was, which was near the kitchen. Adam was sitting on the couch, facing away from us, and talking to himself. He appeared to be drunk. I asked Adam a question. Something about business advice, and his advice didn’t make sense, again because he was drunk. Marshall asked me what was going on with Adam and I said that he had had a goal of retiring when he was 30, which he had done. And now he was just totally wasting his life. Marshall pointed out how sad it was, and I said that indeed it was very sad and it was even breaking my heart. I then walked back down the “Hill“ that was his floor. But it wasn’t like a regular floor. It was like a forest. so I went on this little sideways path going from top to bottom, and actually going diagonally. When I pointed out that the stumps looked like alligators. When I said that, the one closest to me ran away because it realized I knew it was an alligator. I freaked out and said that that stump actually was an alligator. I said I wonder if there are any others. I began inspecting the ground as I did I realized I was completely surrounded by alligators. Like, as in almost the whole ground were alligators, incognito. on one hand, it was scary and on one hand, I felt like they were actually more afraid of me than I was of them. Dream # 2 “Donald Trump Junior’s Strings are Snipped”  I dreamed that I was observing this big platform type object that had big white strings coming up from it and they were attached to Donald Trump Junior‘s feet who was floating in the air above the platform. It was like he was one of the big hot air blow up items at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. People were standing all around the bottom of the platform. One by one, they begin to snip the strings attached to his feet. If the final one got clipped, it seemed as though he would float up into outer space like a balloon. The dream ended before the last one was snipped.
Dream # 3 Luke Combs & Tress Falling 
Luke Combs meeting at Fresno State for a picnic. I said my brother is going to meet me also and Luke is a little disappointing if you want to be with just me. Ryan is on some sort of trolley or some thing with Peyton and Presley. I go on there to get him and Payton is coming off the trolley as I do. Ryan yells at him to come, put his socks on because he was barefoot. I wish Ryan could relax a little. My mom then also shows up she goes into a building to get some tickets for Jackson. I go walking around this grassy area and then we’re walking back when a series of 10 trees fall in a row. I say whoa, whoa, whoa as they’re falling. They fell straight in a row fast. I point out that it’s not even that windy. Then two or three more eucalyptus trees fall also right next to the other leaders. Then some sort of huge metal either powerline or water tank fell. It was I think a powerline. Then I see smoke coming out of the University gymnasium. I begin pointing that out and telling everyone hurry let’s get out of here. I said that chaos was getting ready to ensue.

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